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Admin24 Jul 2014 09:46

21st Century Carrier Sales

Did Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn call you to sign up and use their services? 

Guess NOT. 

Did you receive a traditional MS power-point presentation from any of these companies? 

Guess NOT. 

 What has changed and what is changing in the 21st century?

We think that the entire sales process has been changed in the 21st century. New business community believes in empowering their customer by providing them a seamless and transparent sales process. 

New routes to market and method of sales are evolving. You choose a product, take your own time to decide if you need it or not, compare pricing, check for reviews and then buy it. 

  Has carrier sales changed at all in the last 20 years? 

Guess NOT.

In fact, we have more conferences every year, more travel, bigger marketing budgets, large direct sales teams and lots of account managers. 

Don’t you think that there is a need for better and more efficient way to find the right customer rather than following traditional carrier sales method?

Wouldn’t it be great to sell your bandwidth online and increase your sales funnel?

  We have redefined carrier sales for 21st century.  TelcoXchange is an online platform where you can showcase your bandwidth and start selling. 

 Wouldn’t it be great to list your bandwidth routes online and reach around the globe with out spending money on flights and hotels?

TelcoXchange is a market place where carriers, mobile operators, ISPs and cable network providers can list bandwidth in many categories like P2P, Ethernet, Internet Access or MPLS.  

Connecting and reaching out to customers and suppliers has been simplified, by innovative broadcast functionality. 

Wouldn’t it be great to achieve your sales target and earn bonus?


Join today and become a part of the revolutionary network exclusively for telecom industry and make the difference.





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