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Admin16 Apr 2015 16:00

Can you trade bandwidth as a commodity?

This is a debatable argument that bandwidth can be traded as a commodity. Many industry veterans believe bandwidth is a standard product and it can be traded, although this trade completely depends on certain factors, conditions and assumptions.



An enterprise customer can never benefit from this trade since they need a complete solution, which is built upon vanilla bandwidth. For instance, their network needs dynamic and new products, which can reduce cost and enable them to focus on their core business rather than worrying about reliability of their network.


If you are trading directly with carriers, service providers, wholesale operators who have global SLA, standard terms and conditions then this can be quite straightforward process. You still have challenges to get supplier agreements delivery and implementation.


Most carriers try to establish relationships with other carriers and wholesale bandwidth providers to reduce the procurement process time frame.


If you involve a middleman who is responsible for the trade and charge a commission or a fee, then you loose control over your supplier. This further leads to inflate pricing and moving away from your customer since you are not directly dealing with them anymore.


So what could be the best way to overcome these complications of bandwidth trade and build a sustainable and long-term ecosystem?


If we bring a buyer and seller together and provide them tools and technology to communicate with each other. Enhance their reach to explore the possibilities to procure from new international suppliers.


At TelcoXchange we are trying to bridge this gap by providing you a Free platform to trade bandwidth.


  • No commission on your deals
  • A transparent and carrier neutral platform
  • You buy and sell as per your company procurement process and rules


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