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Admin12 Sep 2013 13:22

Cut Out The Middleman

Remember the old golden days of telecom carrier sales; it was more of a relationship building than todays sales pitch with endless explanation of product features such as uptime, low latency, redundancy and multiple routing topologies.

Customers were classified as carrier partners for building new networks and exchanging capacity routes for better coverage and reach.

Today carrier sales have dramatically changed and most of the telecom industry considers bandwidth as commodity. We still believe that badwidth sales should not be treated as commodity as it requires relationship and trust.

In modern days, supply chain for bandwidth has multiple layers and channels of resellers, brokers, traders and trading exchanges. We call them “middleman”.

There is no doubt that these channels help and increase your sales funnel. We believe they distract and bring the gap between buyer and seller.

We encourage Telco’s to directly sell their bandwidth to other Tier-1 carriers, operators and ISPs globally. We provide a commission free platform which connects a buyer with a seller.

At TelcoXchange ( ) we are building a network and providing a free platform to Telco’s to directly connect with other Telco’s.There are more than 100 Telco's already using this service - JOIN the team today !


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