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Admin13 May 2015 15:16

International Capacity Routes

Expand your supplier network and buy bandwidth at the best price directly from carriers and wholesale providers.

No commission or transaction fee on your trades, it is a carrier neutral free of charge platform. Here is a glimpse of available routes on major submarine cable systems offered by biggest carriers in the world.


TelcoXchange Network Map

Network Map for available capacity at TelcoXchange.


Detailed summary of these routes in the table format is as below, to get in touch and buy bandwidth simply register and start saving on your bandwidth budgets.


Cable System Carrier Location Capacity Status
Russia - Japan Cable Network PCCW Russia to Japan 10GB Buy Now
Asia-America Gateway (AAG) Cable System  PCCW  Singapore to USA  STM-16 Buy Now
Pangea Baltic Ring Linxtelecom Swedon to Estonia 10GB Buy Now
SeaMeWe-4 BICS France to Singapore  STM-1 Buy Now
CanaLink CanaLink Spain to Spain STM-1 Buy Now
APCN-2 Chunghwa Telecom Hongkong to Singapore 10GB Buy Now
TE North/TGN-Eurasia/SEACOM/Alexandros Telecom Egypt Egypt to France STM-1 Buy Now
Yellow/Atlantic Crossing-2 (AC-2) GTT UK to USA 10GB Buy Now
Europe India Gateway (EIG) Bharti Airtel India to UK STM-16 Buy Now
Tata TGN-Tata Indicom Tata Communications Singapore to India STM-1 Buy Now
Middle East North Africa (MENA) Cable System/Gulf Bridge International MENA-SCS Italy to India 10GB Buy Now


At TelcoXchange we are connecting global carriers with local carriers by providing a Free platform to trade bandwidth.


  • No commission on your deals
  • A transparent and carrier neutral platform
  • You buy and sell as per your company procurement process and rules 

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