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Admin10 Jan 2013 21:08

What’s there on a Telco’s shelf?

It has completely changed the way we do our shopping these days. Gone are the days when we used to make a list of things and hit many shops to find the best quality and bargains.

Supermarkets have really done a great job and made our life easy with large stores where everything is on shelves or online. You can simply browse and buy as per your needs.

I am quite surprised with the fact that when it comes to buying and selling bandwidth our telecom industry is still struggling with traditional methods.

For instance, if you call any “Carrier Sales Manager” in a Telco and ask for a link between city A and city B, they don’t know if they have capacity available. They need to get in touch with “Product Team” further product team checks with “Network Engineering Team”.

This takes a while and then finally after lot of follow ups you get a firm quote. This is time consuming and gives opportunity to your customers to shop around.

That’s why I ask myself what’s there on a Telco’s shelf?

I keep thinking, why Telco’s does not follow the proven supermarket model; bring the product in front of customers.  Showcase your capacity routes to other buyers; be more visible with your ready for sale bandwidth routes.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find what capacity is available with “Telco A” and what’s with “Telco B” without even contacting them?

When we go to supermarkets we don’t contact them, we just browse and seek assistance if needed, none of the sales men try to win a sale out of you.

Wouldn’t it boost Telco’s sales when they showcase their product to a larger audience?

At TelcoXchange ( we are building a network and providing platform to showcase your bandwidth.

Not only this helps you to find new customers it further increases your brand and product visibility. 


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